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Vision & mission

We as a charity and our supporters truly believe our services can change and transform multiple lives for the better and help achieve the complete eradication of homelessness and rough sleeping within our city. At the heart of all our aims, objectives and overall vision is our “3 E’s” strategy, this is at the heart of all we plan and do... Enrich, Encourage and Empower.

Our work offers an insight to what the potential service users need from a service that is completely beneficial, our in depth work with the service users and with other organisations highlight the areas with gaps and that the services we provide bridges those gaps and offers a platform of empowerment and encouragement into other existing services. We aim to work closely with other charities and organisations, to not duplicate or replicate but to compliment.

We have enhanced this with the opening of our charity shop, which can be a safe secure base and a umbrella of accurate information,somewhere people can eat when they are hungry and get any material aid they may need freely.

We have the ability to tailor all our services to the individual needs of the service users, each service user will have an individual case worker though will be encouraged to develop a relationship with the whole team, supporting them from start to finish, the door will always be left ajar to pick up any support that is required as the individual begins to make changes to their life and settle down, including that of applying for  their entitled to benefits, registering for GP services, dentists and even setting up utility bills. When the service user is ready we can also provide support to find suitable employment, volunteering or further education dependent on the individual’s wants and aspirations. 360 degree coverage.

We aim to be able to run sessions to help equip and enrich the lives of the service users, from budgeting and cooking to CV writing, all skills that are needed to encourage the maintenance of social reintegration once appropriate accommodation is sourced. The beauty of our service and this centre is that it can easily be adapted to all individual cases and their needs.

We also endeavor to develop a detailed volunteer enrolment programme to involve those with personal experience, passion, knowledge and interest.

We strive to provide what does not already exist or increase the availability of services that are stretched, we will deliver other services using other outside professionals to enhance the lives of our service users, such as, short term counselling, podiatry, self-care (barbers) to increase self-worth and self-value and anything else identified as an immediate, great need to achieve all as outlined.


Our charity prides ourselves on our core values. Positive relationships, development of positive, trusted relationships enable personal growth of our service users.

We do not expect perfection, though optimistic we are realistic with the goals we set with our service users, each step laid out to make small steps of progression and achievement leading to the wider picture.

Each plan of action takes into consideration, individuality, no generlised judgment only encouragement.

We aim to provide open, honest communication, in a safe environment, with a reliable, efficient and passionate team.

At the heart of everything we deliver is our 3 “E’s” strategy Enrich, Empower and Encourage. 



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