If you are a landlord or you are thinking about renting out property, working with Help The Homeless Leicester offers many advantages. We work with a small pool of local landlords and we have seen some amazing results. We can help you to achieve the maximum return on your investment. We have people looking for short or long-term accommodation. Our landlords rent out entire properties on a room by room basis, which maximises their income. Alternatively they offer bedsits and self contained flats, which we can keep almost permanently occupied. You do not have to spend valuable time or funds advertising and interviewing inappropriate tenants - just let us know when you have a vacancy, we will try to match it to an individual or offer you several potential tenants and ensure that you are comfortable to proceed to the next step. We take a lot of the stress out of being a landlord.

Our service users may have no homeless background but have found themselves temporarily in that predicament, i.e marriage breakdown. Some will have experienced ongoing homelessness. We work with all our service users to make sure they are as tenancy-ready as possible, before putting them forwards for private housing.

We bring together tenants and landlords but our help does not stop there. We do all the initial work for you. We find a potential tenant and calculate the affordability of the accommodation, to ensure that they can pay the rent. We carefully consider what type of accommodation is most sustainable for them. We will help to set up a direct debit for rental payments from their employment income, or we will ensure that their benefit is paid from the DWP straight into your bank account. We frequently help with deposits and with the first month's rent. We can assist with setting up of utilities and furnishings, if required.

And we carry on helping. One reason why we are so popular with landlords is that we provide floating support attached to tenancies. This service is for both the tenant and the landlord. If any issues arise, we are here to assist you and the tenant. This is completely different from the usual tenancy, where you alone have to deal with any issues with your tenants and have no-one to turn to for assistance. Our support is ongoing, there is no fixed endpoint and lasts as long as it is needed. We are always here to help. Landlords who work with Help The Homeless Leicester feel a greater sense of security, because the rents are paid directly into their accounts and they know that we are providing ongoing, reliable support.

If you decide to work with Help The Homeless Leicester, you will not only be securing a good income for your rental property. You will also be helping people in your local community. You will help us to make a difference.

Please contact us to find out more about working with Help The Homeless Leicester as a landlord, or ask any questions you may have.