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Hi Guys, I’m Arif Voraji,

I started the HTH journey way back in November 2014 by sourcing a bulk lot of 14 pairs of jeans off eBay and got some old coats and socks and put them in the boot of my car and hit town with two friends. From watching a friends video on Facebook who was doing outreach in his local community and when I saw this it inspired me because such a simple act of generosity such a big impact and everyone has some item of used clothing that they can donate to a needy person. Over the years I’ve always stayed in contact and done as much as I can without biting off more than I chew hence why I feel I am still here after 6 years where many have come, and then fizzled out.

We have helped Clothe and feed thousands of people, helped hundreds of struggling families with basic essentials and white goods, helped flood victims around the UK, made regular trips to London to help the homeless in the city and to date have managed to advocate accommodation for 109 people who would otherwise be trying to navigate the system or still be homeless but they now have a roof over their head and a place to call home.

It’s amazing to think of all this has come about from 14 pairs of jeans off eBay and the boot of my car to this dynamic and evolving charity which is evidently needed and will continue to go from strength to strength and hopefully carry on for as long as needed. The assistance we have provided since the start of lockdown was mainly delivery of essentials and hot food to those who were self isolating, shielding, and able to get out or were not able to buy products due to the panic buying but we ensure that people did not go without or go hungry. The food parcel Service is still ongoing and will continue for the foreseeable future. The service provided was so efficient and successful that it led to me personally winning the recent award of “Hero of Leicestershire 2020, an achievement of which I am very proud