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This project is our outreach and floating support. The overall objective of our reach and connect project is to build positive, trusting relationships with those hard to reach and disengaged, the reach part is going out to service users where they feel most comfortable, whether that be on the street or within another organisation they are happy to see us at, we also use this outreach time to collate information and deliver sustenance to those most vulnerable.

Often these service users have complex needs and their accommodation need is just a part of the wider picture and it takes time and a consistent effort to build up a wider picture and a greater understanding. HTH understands the complexities that surround the navigation of the statutory systems and provisions provided by the local authority so HTH endeavor to pave the way through these systems, to make the support available to our service users as easy to access as possible.

The connect element of the project- advocacy and signposting, where service users can call in for accurate advice and signposting specifically in relation to their current, personal circumstances. Each service user has an Individulised Action and Progress Plan compiled for them during this time, for them then to be equipped with the knowledge of how to execute it. Reoccurring appointments are available for follow up and further advice.

Food parcels and food bank referrals can also be given throughout the duration of this project.