Our charity prides ourselves on our core values. Positive relationships, development of positive, trusted relationships enable personal growth of our service users. We do not expect perfection, though optimistic we are realistic with the goals we set with our service users, each step laid out to make small steps of progression and achievement leading to the wider picture. Each plan of action takes into consideration, individuality, no generalised judgment only encouragement.

At the heart of all our aims, objectives and overall vision is our Values:

Compassion: -

This charity exists because we care. We do not judge, and we reach out to help those who are struggling with basic needs, are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless for whatever reason.

Safeguarding: -

None of our activities should put service users, HTH staff, network partners or the general public at risk. This may limit the help we can provide in certain cases.

Urgency: -

Homeless people are often vulnerable and at risk. Time is critical. We act with urgency to get people into shelter/housing which may be temporary at first.

Simplicity: -

Homelessness is complex but we value simple, uncomplicated solutions that work. We avoid red-tape and unnecessary bureaucracy whilst being professional and accountable.

Sustainability: -

We seek solutions that last. In each case, we try to find sustainable solutions through deeper understanding of individual needs and ongoing mentoring and support.

Teamwork: -

We have to work effectively with service users, HTH staff, volunteers and network service providers. We accept our responsibility to work well with others in our own teams and wider network.