This is an outline of the basic policy and procedure for our B&B and beyond programme, it is subject to change and amendment dependant on individual service users circumstances and identified needs.

Maximum of 3 nights for severe weather/information gather/safeguarding/respite approx. Total £105 (£35 per night)

We accept self-referrals or referrals from other services (forms accessible via our website and other relevant organisations have direct access). We aim to respond within 10 working days with an individual personalised plan of action which will have been discussed and devised with the core team and other involved parties where appropriate-allocated keyworker/s to share casemoving forwards. Service users are made aware of us through other services and organisations as well as through ourselves directly - weekly meal and roaming readers and word of mouth.

Maximum of 7 nights B&B with an aim to house if applicable. During this time we will information gather, document gather, equip with material aid, appointment advocacy, benefits check - including HB allowance, provide basic phone for consistent contact. Approx. max £245 (£35 per night) B&B & £30 transport to appointments/bus ticket if required and £25 basic phone & credit for easy contact if needed.

Criterion and action plan for us to advocate and assist with affordable, suitable, long term sustainable accommodation:

Stable-no current, active addictions, in engaged recovery for 3 months or more. Engaging with existing services, honesty and agree to our information sharing agreement. Positive clarification of circumstances, current benefits in place and eligibility clarified, attend appointments and manage their own minor task list (take documents to xyz etc. , punctual during the initial time working in partnership with HTH, extending to B&B stay) HTH will advocate to set up a bank account if the service user doesn't have one already. Clockwise/engage is our first port of call.

We will then make contact with our landlord network and look further a field if necessary in the private sector to find something suitable for the individual. Vie win arranged and attended, deposit of up to £350 occasionally accessed through Zynthia trust/vicars relief fund if accessible or HTH provide up to £350 for the deposit upon written offer of tenancy for a minimum of 6 months and a character reference from engaged service elsewhere. HTH make housing benefit applications on behalf of service user and request benefit is paid directly to the landlord to minimise pressure and overwhelm of responsibility.

HTH then refer into other local services/grants for furniture and white goods and/or plea to our supporters on our social networking group and page. HTH also provide a welcome pack for their new accommodation which consists of bed linen, towels, kitchen utensils, pans, crockery, cutlery, toiletries, cleaning products and basic food shop up to the value of £100 total. (Further non-perishable food parcels available when genuine need is identified - for e.g. delay in benefits. Can also signpost to other food banks.)

HTH hulk will help with the coordinating and moving of the individual and delivery of furniture and white goods at a time mutually convenient for all parties.

Once moved in and unpacked we begin the settling in process, this includes advocating and facilitating registering with local GP service, dentists, changing address with benefits and other relevant organisations to empower and encourage the service user to maintain and sustain their reintegration. We will also assist with setting up utility bills, devise and go through a manageable, simple budget based on current financial circumstances and provide this is writing for their records and reference to enable and equip our service uses for the best chance of success.

Once settled into accommodation and an independent life indoors - with support, we can advocate suitable employment, further education, volunteering and other areas of interest and enrichment, such as, support groups and social groups if the service user wishes.

Total cost is £400 - £750 dependant on whether deposit is required to be funded by HTH, costs based on maximum term of B & B usage.



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